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One of the newer innovations in trade show banner stands is the retractable model. Formerly, trade show stands were assembled and disassembled as stationary objects. Now, those who attend a trade show can quickly move their advertising material around the conference room or seminar space with a retractable banner stand.

Retractable banner stands have become very popular due to their versatility. At Premier Print Source, we pride ourselves on giving you the very best in quality retractable banner stands at the lowest possible prices.

What Is A Retractable Banner Stand?

A retractable banner stand, as its name implies, can retract the rolled-up banner display and cover it completely while you move from one spot to another. This retractable banner sits on a sturdy frame six to seven feet high and hooks on easily when the two components are placed together. The user then pulls the rolled banner out of the mechanism and secures it with a hook at the bottom. It is that simple to set up a retractable banner stand, and it is equally easy to take it down by simply reversing the steps.

Retractable Banner Stand Components

One of the best features of the retractable banner stand is its protective cover. This keeps your advertisements looking like new time after time. No matter how often you use your banner advertising, it will continue to stay crease-free and look as good as new.

The other benefit of the retractable banner stand is the frame. Because the frame is made of aluminum, it is sturdy yet lightweight.

Every retractable banner stand made by Premier Print Source uses top quality materials and comes with a handy carrying case. You can order your banner stand in almost any size or configuration.

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